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The Vietnam War Screening: Episode Eight

Come to the Northeast Library and watch a section of the The Vietnam War by Ken Burns. We will be screening the entire series with a new episode each Sunday until all 10 have been shown.

Episode Eight: “The History of the World” (April 1969-May 1970), RUNNING TIME: 1:53:40

With morale plummeting in Vietnam, President Nixon begins withdrawing American troops. As news breaks of an unthinkable massacre committed by American soldiers, the public debates the rectitude of the war, while an incursion into Cambodia reignites antiwar protests with tragic consequences. 

Please be aware that the film contains profanity, brief nudity and graphic violence, and is rated TV-MA.

This program is offered as part of a grant from the American Library Association, PBS and WETA Washington, D.C.

Sunday, Dec 3rd 2017
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Pine Room
Northeast Library
  Adult Programs