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Black History Month Film - Filling the Gap: A Forgotten Chapter of American History

Join us for a viewing of a documentary Filling the Gap: A Forgotten Chapter of American History in honor of Black History Month. Bring the whole family! This film and others are available through Films on Demand, just one of the many online resources available through NC LIVE and New Hanover County Public Library. After the film, Librarian Jimi Rider will introduce attendees to other online resources dealing with African American History and more. 

The achievements of Frederick Douglass are well known, as are those of Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and other heroic African-Americans during the Civil War period. Fewer people have ever heard of Robert Smalls, Phyllis Wheatley, Elizabeth Keckley, Benjamin Banneker, or countless others of African descent who helped to build the American nation. Regardless of renown or obscurity, all the aforementioned names deserve ongoing, in-depth study in U.S. history classes, and this film offers a wealth of dramatized narratives to support that crucial learning. From the remarkable story of Abdul Rahman Ibrahima, the African prince sold into slavery on a Mississippi plantation, to the White House meeting in which Douglass urged President Lincoln to uphold the honor and dignity of the Union’s black soldiers, each segment reenacts a pivotal moment in history—not just African-American history, but the chronicle of the country as a whole. Advancements made by black scientists, inventors, artists, and craftspeople are studied. 

Saturday, Feb 10th 2018
2:30pm - 4:00pm
New Hanover Room
Main Library
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